Ultimate Expedition Climbing Guides

Basic Climbing Course: $25/person

Whether you’ve never been climbing before or it’s been awhile and you need to brush up on the basics, this course is a fun and low-key way to build (or re-build) a solid foundation.

In addition to the essentials like efficient movement, proper climbing techniques, knot-tying, belaying and rappelling, you’ll learn about various types of gear and their strengths.

Then we’ll coach you as you spend ample time practicing your newly acquired skills on various climbs.  This course is fast-paced, energetic and ton’s of fun!

Intermediate Climbing Course: $25/person

Designed to be the next step in climbing instruction, this one-day course can be combined with the Basic Climbing course for 2 thrilling days of instruction and plenty of “hands on” climbing. Learn proper body positions, how to down-climb and advanced belay and rappel techniques.

The Intermediate course prepares you for multi-pitch climbs, mountaineering and more difficult sport routes.  If you’ve got some climbing experience but want to know more or perfect the skills you’ve already acquired, this course offers the perfect place to begin.

Advanced Climbing Course I and II: $45/person

For those who have a solid foundation but want to step it up a notch or acquire more advanced skills, these courses offer an in-depth, carefully planned approach to helping you gain the specific skills you need.

These courses offer smaller group sizes and a more customized approach to fit the specific needs of our clients who have some climbing experience.

Learn advanced concepts of crack and face climbing on different terrain. This course serves as an introduction to lead climbing and advanced concepts of rope management, anchoring and protection. For the intermediate climber, this course serves well to refresh your skills and pick up new techniques for climbing and training.

Leading Techniques: $65/person

This course focuses specifically on the leading techniques only briefly addressed in the Advanced Climbing Courses.

Specifically designed for intermediate to advanced climbers, this course will give you the skills and confidence to climb to new heights!

Learn how to maximize your efficiency for sport climb on-sighting; develop the skills to lead multi-pitch and mountaineering routes; and learn how to properly and safely place a variety of traditional gear – from cams to pitons.  Safe, solid gear placements, stances and anchor building are emphasized.

Winter Mountaineering Course: $150/person

A customized introduction into mountaineering and the special challenges of snow, weather and high altitude.   Learn efficient travel on snow, rock and ice.  Gain an understanding of weather patterns and assessing personal and group abilities on a continual basis. 

Such techniques as self-arrest and proper use of specialized equipment will be taught.

Students who finish this course will be prepared for basic mountaineering and proficient negotiation of snowfields in any season.

This course is held on a very limited basis each season and requires advanced reservations prior to October 30.

Succession Climbing Plan™:

Culminating in a technical, high-altitude climb, our Succession Climbing Plan™ combines all of the essential instruction from Basic Climbing Course through the Advanced Climbing Course. 

The Succession Climbing Plan™ is specially designed for clients who want to make the most of their guided experience by gaining the experience and knowledge necessary to complete a technical high-altitude ascent.

The Succession Climbing Plan™ is your best value as you begin a lifetime of climbing experiences. This truly is THE Ultimate Expedition!