Ultimate Expedition Climbing Guides


Advance reservations are required for technical climbing expeditions.  Limited space and small client-to-guide ratios may make it difficult to book an expedition at the last-minute.  Although we make every reasonable effort to accommodate booking requests, we suggest that you plan well ahead, particularly for May through August climbs.

As soon as you can make your vacation plans, please e-mail us or fill out a reservation form online. We begin taking reservations in October for the following Summer, and in July for the following Winter and Spring climbs.

You may print and mail our Reservation Application with your deposit after confirming the dates of your climb(s). Reservations for Winter Mountaineering and most Technical Climbs usually need to be made at least 65 days in advance. Climbing Courses, Sport Climbs, and Non-Technical climbs can be reserved as little as 1-2 weeks in advance. Technical climbs should generally be reserved prior to May 15 and Winter Climbs prior to October 30.


Including a deposit with your reservation secures your desired expedition and date(s).  Receipt of your deposit will assure that we honor your confirmed reservation as long as we also receive full payment prior to the start of your expedition or climbing course.

The following deposits are required when making advance reservations:

  • Climbing Courses - $25
  • Technical Climbing - $75 (or full guide fee, whichever is less)
  • Non-Technical Climbing & Hiking - $30
For certain climbs, permits may be required. Many advance permits must be purchased prior to March 15. If a permit is required for your particular climb, all applicable permit and processing fees will be billed with your deposit. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send you a confirmation letter and additional information.

CHANGES: Change of reservation dates for climbs may be charged a $25-per-person administrative fee.  In most cases, exceptions to this policy may only be applied to climbing courses.


If you cancel a scheduled climb, the following cancellation rates apply:

  • There is no charge for cancellations with more than 30 days notice.
  • A 50% refund will be given for 15-30 days prior notice.
No refund will be given when less than 15 days notice is given.


Prior to beginning your activity with Ultimate Expedition, you will be required to sign an Acknowledgement and Assumption of Risks form. The form is available online or it can be mailed or faxed to you.  This form is a binding agreement - please read and consider it carefully!

You may make additional copies of the form.  In most instances you will be asked to sign the forms in the presence of your guide just prior to beginning your course or expedition.

A parent must sign the form for any minor child.  In some cases, as when a parent will not be attending the course or expedition with their child, signed forms may be mailed to us. If you will be bringing a child who is not your own, the parent of the child must read and sign a copy of the form and mail it to us.  Mailing instructions will be given if such instances are required.


Most rates quoted on the Prices page are based on allowing other clients to join you and your party. If you choose to be exclusive, whether as a private individual or as a private party, higher private guiding rates will apply on a per client basis. We will always try to honor requests for private guiding, however at times we cannot accommodate private groups on certain climbs.

In most cases, payment in full is required no later than 60 days prior to your scheduled climb for Winter Mountaineering, Ice and Technical Climbs. Payment in full is usually required 7 days prior to Climbing Courses, Sport and Non-Technical Climbs.


The number of clients per guide (the client-to-guide ratio) on climbs is determined by combining several factors: each individual's abilities, route conditions, weather, and the difficulty of the climb. We will group you with other clients to allow the lowest ratio possible for the existing conditions.

The appropriate rate (cost) for the actual guide-to-client ratio will always apply. When you come with your own party, we will do everything possible to group you as you wish.  However, we will make all decisions regarding the actual climbing arrangements based on safety.

In rare cases we may need to split up your party. Please notify us if you would like further clarification of this policy.

Generally practiced client-to-guide ratios are available upon request.

EARLY SEASON OR IN HEAVY SNOW YEARS: In early season (sometimes until July 15th), or in years of heavy snowfall, it may be necessary for clients participating in high altitude climbs to complete a basic snow travel course in addition to our Basic and Intermediate Courses in order to satisfy ability requirements for those climbs. Please plan for this when making your scheduling arrangements. Keep in mind that lower guide-to-client ratios may also apply during these times.


Climbing high peaks requires a particular level of aerobic fitness, basic mountaineering skills, and acclimatization to altitude. In order to qualify for a high altitude climb (even a non-technical climb), you must demonstrate an appropriate level of fitness and basic mountaineering skills - including belaying, knots, rope management, understanding and awareness, and suitable basic climbing skills.

In order to demonstrate your abilities we generally require you to take the Basic Climbing Course prior to your expedition.  We will teach you the necessary skills - you just need to grasp them.

For conditioning we recommend aerobic activities, such as brisk walking (uphill), climbing up and down stairs, running, biking, etc., to improve your fitness, even if you believe yourself to be in good physical condition. If you have access to weight training equipment, leg presses, extensions and curls are an excellent way to strengthen your quadriceps and hamstrings to avoid injury.  Each participant must complete a Medical Questionnaire prior to climbing.


Technical climbs require that you have a certain level of ability or experience prior to attempting that climb.  If you have not had previous climbing experience, enrollment in our Basic Climbing Course will usually satisfy the requirement for technical experience. For some climbs, you may be required to take both the Basic and Intermediate Climbing Courses.

In rare cases, we may accept a verifiable resume of previous experience in lieu of participation in these courses.  Please notify us if you wish to provide us with a resume of experience prior to making any reservations.

Even if you do have previous technical experience, we may require that you demonstrate that experience to your guide through a simple evaluation process prior to your climb. This allows our guides to assess your level of ability, and serves as a refresher prior to tackling a technical climb.   If a climb you select has a pre-requisite, you will be notified of the options available for satisfying that pre-requisite when we confirm your reservation or schedule your expedition.

RETURN CLIENTS AND EXPERIENCED CLIMBERS: Experienced climbers must demonstrate proficiency in a Climbing Course or suitable one-day climb prior to going on a high altitude, multi-day, or difficult climb. Experienced climbers must demonstrate proficiency on natural rock in an alpine environment.  Though we appreciate the abilities gained through gym climbing, we do require experience on natural terrain.

PRIVATE GUIDING AND REQUESTS FOR SPECIFIC GUIDES: You may request a specific guide for any activity. We will try to honor these requests, but we can never guarantee that the specific guide will be available. Regular rates will apply as long as we can add clients to your activity. Private rates apply when clients (group or individual) request that their activity be separate from others.


All technical equipment, climbing harnesses, helmets, ropes, and ice axes are included in the cost.  Appropriate shoes for Climbing Courses and climbs can be rented at various climbing outfitters. We suggest local rentals from BYU-Idaho Outdoor Resource Center (208-496-2100).

We can provide you with a list of rental suppliers in your local area upon request. Mountaineering boots and crampons (when necessary) can also be rented from these shops. Ultimate Expedition does not rent climbing or approach shoes.

In some cases, if logistics do not allow you to make arrangements to rent specific gear, we can make those arrangements for you for an additional fee.  In such cases we do not guarantee or warrant size or fit.  In such cases we always secure damage/loss insurance in your behalf.

  • Climbing Courses: If weather necessitates the cancellation of a course, you will receive a full refund if the cancellation is made by us prior to the start of the course.  You will receive a 50% refund if the course is started but you are out less than half the time scheduled for the course. If you are out more than half the scheduled time, there is no refund. If you take a course as a pre-requisite to a technical climb and your guide does not approve you to participate in the climb for which you have a reservation, you will receive a full refund of any deposit or other amount paid for activities not yet begun.
  • One-day Climbs or Hikes: If you leave the trailhead but the guide decides to return before starting the technical portion of a climb, you will receive a 50% refund. If you have started the technical part of the climb, or, in the guides’ opinion, made substantial progress on a non-technical route, there is no refund. If at any point you choose not to continue, there is no refund.
  • Multi-Day Expeditions and High Altitude or Multi-Pitch Climbs: Ultimate Expedition and its guides cannot guarantee that you will reach the summit of a high altitude peak or any multi-pitch climb. Nor can we guarantee the completion of a multi-day expedition, whether technical or non-technical. Weather, bad conditions on the route, or your own abilities (or those of other group members) may create circumstances that make an ascent or completion of an expedition unsafe and you or your entire party will have to turn around without reaching the summit. This is a part of all mountaineering.
During any expedition, if in the judgment of the guide, conditions make it unsafe to continue, you will receive a voucher for a portion of the cost of another attempt of the climb or expedition. The guide's decision to turn around can be based on several factors including, but not limited to, poor route conditions, threatening weather, or any individual's ability to continue. Vouchers will be valid for the remainder of the current season and the following “like” season (i.e. the following summer season), unless otherwise indicated.

Specific refund policies may apply to certain high altitude climbs. You will receive a statement of our refund policies for the particular climb you are attempting if specific policies apply to that climb which differ from our general refund policies. You will receive this information after we have received your deposit and a climb date is confirmed.

If you decide not to leave the trailhead, your deposit and any travel fees will be forfeited.

If you choose, for any reason, and at any point during the approach or climb, not to continue the climb, you will not receive a refund.

In certain conditions and at the guide's discretion for reasons of safety, certain alternative summits or points on the mountain may be substituted for the true summit of particular high altitude climbs. If, in the guides judgment, safety necessitates such a substitution, all general policies apply for such ascents of and attempts on those substitute summits or points as if they were the true summit.